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Civic Hall is the nation’s leading center for learning and collaboration focused on advancing civic technology and problem-solving for the public good. We serve as a dynamic and uniquely inclusive exchange for ideas, tools, learning, relationships, and ventures—both old and new—that can bring about a more just society. 

We provide both today’s and tomorrow’s civic activists with the means to reinvent civic engagement in the 21st century. Civic activists are the people, teams, organizations, and networks—at any and every level within an organization, community, company, city or country—who are transforming how society responds to urgent social problems. We work to give these people the skills, relationships, and tech they need to profoundly improve the institutions and systems that shape how society works and who has power. 

Through our membership, we hope to help build, connect and diversify this community, and create new institutional infrastructure for generating greater value, equity, and justice in society.

“I’ve been able to meet others doing great work in my areas of focus, which has led to collaborations. It’s also been a source for generating business.”

Eboné Bishop, Cultural Business Consultant, Part-Time member

“A cool space, great location, inspiring (& friendly) people and informative events for a $100 a month? Incredible value.”

Alex Evis, Social Entrepreneur, Part-Time member

“A Civic Hall membership is valuable to our small team because when we work together we are more productive and inspired. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to have that face-to-face connection.”

Katie Simpson, Head of Operations, Women’s March Global, Part-Time member

“The enormous support I have found in the people at Civic Hall is second only to the varied and informative perspectives that make each individual amazing.”

Austin Lee, Founder of Bettercorp, Network member

A Civic Hall membership comes with great benefits:

Access our collaborative workspace (frequency varies by plan; see below)
Access to purchase guest passes at a low rate of $20 each
Up to 60% off event space and room rentals
Free or discounted access to events and Forums


Customized guidance from a Civic Hall Ambassador
Access to full community via our online members portal and Slack channels
Receive our weekly e-newsletter
Receive Civicist’s “First Post,” a twice-a-week email digest covering the latest news in civic tech
Access to member-only gatherings: breakfasts, workshops, meet-n-mingle’s, lunch-n-learn’s, & member showcases
Member recognition in Civic Hall space, on social media and in newsletters
Opportunities to showcase work to the community
Access to rent a locker for $50/month
Free coffee and tea
Free printing

To enjoy these benefits, you can choose from these membership plans:



Access to purchase Day Passes at $35 each





Includes 8 Day Passes

Access to purchase Day Passes at $35 each





Unlimited workspace access during operating hours




Don’t need a workspace but still want to be a part of our community? Email us at


You can now apply for the Sliding Scale!

In an effort to remain as inclusive a community as possible, we are adding a new sliding scale membership option based on your income level, applicable to all membership plans. If you’re interested in applying for a sliding scale rate, please click below to learn more.


1. Review the Sliding Scale Worksheet to determine your Net Monthly Household Income (NMHI). This worksheet is solely for your use, and we will never request to review it.
2. Once you have determined your NMHI, refer to the Sliding Scale Chart to determine the appropriate sliding scale rate for the plan of your interest. (Please note that for those willing and able, it is an option to pay more for membership rates in order to support those less able to pay.)
3. Once you have your sliding scale rate, please email us at for next steps.

We welcome your feedback

If none of these packages sound right for you but you still want to join the community, contact us. We want to hear from you.